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Cerealia’s numbers

Over 50 years of baking experience

Cerealia is born in the Sixties, a period in which large-scale distribution is structured in Italy. The original artisan bakery turns into an industrial reality.

The Tuscan countryside of Montaione, a little town in the Florence’s province, frames this success story. In this town renowned for the bread making tradition, the family-run company developed in the following decades both as regards production techniques and for the distribution network.

“The art of making bread” is the only thing that has unchanged over the decades. Today thanks to Cerealia this art is projected into the future, in addition to representing the fundamental junction of further development in the sector, lays the foundations for applying the values of the short chain of wheat to the industrial production of bread products.

Between modernity and tradition

Ancient knowledge, love for the ingredients of their land, genuineness of the products: these are the Italian creativity elements appreciated abroad too.

A mix of values and experiences focusing on the centrality of its roots, that liven up all Cerealia production in step with global markets.
The path and the investments made over time make Cerealia a successful production reality that combines manual processing in full respect of the preparation times, a modern and technological plant, respectful of the environment.

The result is a range of high-quality products that includes all the most classic bread types and oven specialties such as pizza and focaccia in accordance with the best tradition of Italian and Tuscan bread-making.

Over 10,000 square meters of environment respect


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